This page discusses portrayals of sexuality in a positive light by the mainstream media. Often, mainstream media portrays sexuality in a negative light. Such fear-based sexual portrayals incite public discourse towards censorship and provide excuses for powerful governments of major regions of the world such as the United States of America to support legislation that undermines the freedoms of its citizens. However, sometimes mainstream media outlets do discuss sexuality fairly and reasonably.

Fox News Rising Edit

On July 30th, 2009, Fox News Rising anchor Anna Kooiman interviewed clinical sexologist Becky Knight on the topic of speaking to kids about sex. In part of the interview, Anna Kooiman said, "I imagine you'd want to have some sort of an open conversation, so that they won't feel self-consious about their own bodies either, because you don't want your child to be ashamed of his or her own body."[1]

References Edit

  1. Watch Me on "Fox News Rising" — Living Sexuality

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